Fall Quarter- OSU

As this quarter is finally underway, I am starting to enjoy my classes. All my classes this  quarter have to do with my major, so they are more interesting and I am more motivated to actually want to learn and work hard on my projects this quarter.

In AgrComm 300, we are learning about design and why advertisements and such are the way they are. We will have to design logos, and other projects for this class, which will be perfect to put into our portfolios.

In Comm 422, I am working on my profile story. This summer one of my adviser mentioned that the construction on the agricultural administration building was done wrong and not up to code so they have to redo a lot of it. Ever since I heard about that I wondered why what happened, and was very curious to know more. When I got the assignment in this class to write a profile story on something that is happening I thought of this. I am in the process of contacting people to interview, and setting up a time for me to either meet with them or have a phone interview. I am also trying to find a meeting I would like to attend to get my meeting story underway and in the works so I don’t fall behind. All of our stories have a chance to be put into The Lantern, which is the University newspaper. I think this is very cool, and also a good opportunity to have something valuable to add to my portfolio.

In my other class AEDEcon 402, we are learning about marketing, and we were given an assignment to come up with a product that we will have to make a marketing plan and a paper about. We will have to market this product, and at the end of the quarter present it in front of the class, and our professer will send all of our ideas to the Department of Agriculture in hopes that some of our ideas will be used!

Over all, I think this quarter is off to a great start. I am looking forward to having more things to put in my portfolio.


One Response to “Fall Quarter- OSU”

  1. Nicole Kraft Says:

    Great stuff!

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