AOL’s list top 100 worst songs ever

I heard about AOL’s top 100 list of worst songs ever a few weeks ago. A local radio station was playing a portion of the songs each day. As I was listening to them, I realized that a lot of the songs they listed, I actually liked when they first came out, and I know a lot of my friends liked the same songs as well. I got to thinking, what really makes a bad song? I think that is all up for debate, because there is never going to be a song that everyone hates, and there is never going to be a song that everyone loves. This list is a bunch of bologna, it is only someones opinion of what song is the worst ever recorded and therefore  can’t speak for anyone else but themselves. I was curious as to how they came up with the criteria to make a bad song bad, and how they rated them. I of course, Googled it and came up with the following. 

“What takes a song from bad to one of the worst songs of all time? Well, it takes all sorts of half-baked musical ideas, crimes of imaging over talent or reliance on quickly burned-out trends to land on our list. We know we’re gonna take some flak from people who love some of these songs, and truth is we’re sure we missed some real stinkers. So check out AOL Radio’s 100 Worst Songs Ever and be sure to let us know how you agree or disagree in the comments section below.”

Some of my favorites of the list:

#92 Escape (The Pina Colada song) -Rupert Holmes

#88 Thong Song -Sisqo

#77  Butterfly -Crazytown

#55 It wasn’t me -Shaggy

#53 Summer Girls- LFO

#27 Wild Wild West -Will Smith

#17 MmmmmBop -Hanson

#14 Convoy -C.W. McCall

#13 With arms wide open- creed

#12 Wannabe -Spice Girls

#11 My Heart Will Go On -Celine Dion

#5 Barbie Girl- Aqua

#3 Ice, Ice Baby -Vanilla Ice

After reading the complete list, I would have to agree on some of the songs, even some of the songs I listed as I liked. Most of these songs are songs I grew up listening to, and therefore each one has a memory attached to it, which might explain why I like them so much.

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