co-ed dorm rooms…what?!

While sitting in traffic on 71 this morning, I heard some interesting news. They said that some colleges such as Ohio University might go to co-ed dorm rooms. I thought this was a misread or a mistake. I have heard of co-ed floors, but never an actual dorm room. My curiosity sent me to the dispatch website, where I found and read the article. I have included the link, it is actually really interesting, and worth a read!


On an academic side, my meeting I am planning on covering will be on Thursday evening, and hopefully I can get a hold of someone and get an itinerary ahead of time. I am kind of nervous that there won’t be much to report on, and my story will be rather dull. I’m glad however that our article has to be between 500-600 words I believe was the last update. I was dreading having to write a dull story about one of my meetings, and trying to make the original word requirement after barely meeting the profile story requirement would be quite a challenge.


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