Busy Bee!!

I have been a busy bee lately. I haven’t been home for more than an hour besides to sleep in almost two weeks. The holiday parties have slowed down, and so has work. I now have some time to blog 🙂 Autumn quarter ended well. I didn’t have any finals during finals week, which was nice. I had three projects all due within the same which, so I’m not sure which was worse?


As I look back on this past quarter, I like to reflect on what I learned, and what I wish I would’ve learned. I learned a lot about AP style, and gained great experience as a journalist. I enjoyed writing the news stories, and profile stories more than I thought I would. I also incorporate AP style into my text messages, e-mails, blogs, tweets, and facebook statuses 🙂 I also learned a lot about print design and when I look at an advertisement or magazine I critique the design aspects of it in my head. I point out what I like and what I don’t like about the design, and how I would have designed it differently. I also find myself using some marketing, and thinking about who businesses targeted markets are.


I know that I have learned something when I’m incorporating it into my daily life. I also know that I am in the right major, when I actually enjoy what I’m learning, and look forward to my projects. Not to mention that they are a great addition to my portfolio!


Although I’m done with college for the year, I’m not done learning. I’m taking a bartending class so I can become a professional mixologist. I enjoy interacting with various people, and it’ll be a way that I can only work a few days a week, and still be able to pay for rent! I highly encourage everyone to consider taking bartending classes, even if it is just so you know what to order when you go out to the bar!


Now, if you will excuse me, I have to clean out my closet…I think it’s slightly a problem when you can’t walk into your walk-in closet because you have so many clothes 🙂


Happy Holidays!!


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