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ice skating, websites, and SUNSHINE!!!

February 13, 2011

A few weeks ago, we had a huge ice storm. Our power went out, and I had the job of keeping the woodburner going so our pipes wouldn’t freeze. The storm brought at least an inch thick of pure ice with it, therefore our driveway was completly covered. My poor little s-10 (2wd) couldn’t make it out of the driveway so I decided to make it fun! I strapped on my mom’s thirty year old ice skates and made my way to our driveway, and proceeded to ice skate down our driveway. The best part was I didn’t fall!!!!! Here are a few pictures (sorry about the poor resolution, a crappy free phone can only take crappy pictures) 🙂

more recently, I purchased the latest version of photoshop/dreamweaver/indesign/etc. I have been designing a website for my brothers hay and straw business for a class, and am excited to share it with you once it is complete! I’m getting first hand experience with working with a customer. It has been a bit frustrating redoing the site three times to meet my expectations, and having to redo it yet again to meet my brothers.

It is finally beginning to not feel so dreary during the winter, the sunshine is out and melting all the snow! It has to be at least 40 degrees outside!! I’m going to find something to do involving being outside! 🙂