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dresser face-lift!

April 12, 2011

A few weeks ago I was in one of my “cleaning modes” where I was donating and trashing left and right. I decided I didn’t like my dresser anymore, because it didn’t match my room. I couldn’t however throw out my dresser, it just happens to be part of a bedroom set my grandpa had when he was growing up. (my mom loves to get rid of stuff, but it’s sentimental to her so I had to keep it) I graciasly offered my mom the dresser, and he eagerly accepted. That night we moved it downstairs to her room, and the contents of my dresser were strewn across my somewhat clean room. I was waiting until I had saved enough money to buy the type of dresser I wanted, but grew impatient a few weeks later. This began my fun thrifty search to find a dresser at a secondhand store! I love the thrill of thrifting!

Well, sure enough when my mom and I were about to give up hope, we went to this secondhand store where all the proceeds go towards the American Cancer Society. I walk around the corner of the store and there in the window I spot the kind of dresser I had been wanting!! It was a steal at $125 (the ones I had been looking at were over $200) the only problem was it was white, the wrong color, but that was an easy fix so I bought it!

I ran into another problem when I got home, it was laminate. I googled how to paint laminate, and got the response that you can’t paint laminate. WHAT?!?! thankfully for blogs 🙂 I found one that told me step by step how to paint laminate!! I also changed the knobs, an easy fix to give it a different look! Here is the before & afters of my dresser! Thanks to Living with Lindsay for helping me!! (her blog has a lot of other sweet ideas to check out too!!)


After: (It’s glossy black, hence why it looks shiny and a little reflective)

Overall, I am very pleased with the way it turned out. I will say that there are a few minor scratches due to my impatience and the paint might not have been fully dry. It’s nothing a few touch-ups can’t fix!