finally found a use

I can remember the first time I heard about it, I was sitting in my Ag. Comm. 200 class my freshman year in college. I didn’t quite understand the concept, but decided to try it anyways. I am talking about Twitter. I signed up for a twitter account in the fall of 2008, where I learned about it from my professor when we were talking about different social medias in class. I didn’t really understand the concept, it seemed like a status update like that of facebook, but you could follow almost anyone else.

I didn’t really use it much until the past few months I have decided to give it another try. It wasn’t until yesterday that I truly understood the power of twitter and how useful it can really be.

Unless you’re living under a rock lately, you know that hurricane Irene is headed to the east coast this weekend. They are anticipating it to be a very harmful and powerful storm. So much so that they have called in reinforcements to help. Yesterday Ohio Task Force 1 was deployed to head to New Jersey. My dad just happens to be one of the members that went.

My mom told me that Channel 7 Whio tv out of Dayton went with them. On a whim, I went to twitter and tried the hashtag #ohtf1 and found that one of the news anchors that went was twittering! I thought it was so cool to be able to know what my dad is up to and where they are heading to next! Since then, I have “followed” her and kept up with the hashtags on my smart phone.

It is nice to see that people are using social media for more than just letting the world know what color they painted their nails.


Keep up with what Ohio Task Force 1 is doing by following @gabbyenbright and #ohtf1


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